Freebirth / Homebirth Kit $100.00

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$100.00 each

The basics you need for your planned unassisted or midwife-attended homebirth.

I've put all the essentials into one handy $100 kit, with options so you can tailor it to your preferences.

All herbs used are 100% Australian Certified Organic.

(Please note, subject to availability, substitutions may be made without notice in the package deals. If something is super important to you, sure, leave me a note in Comments at check out and I'll do what I can. But for example, Pretty Petals are not available during the winter months, etc.)


* 150g Post Natal Bliss Peri-Care Kit with muslin bag and peri bottle. Even if you don't have a bath, these herbs are excellent for filling your peri bottle to cleanse the perineum and for sitz baths (basically a basin big enough to sit your bum in).

* 20 ml Soothing Salve - a wonderfully healing multi-purpose salve, with all-natural ingredients, useful for healing the vulva and vagina, nappy changes, sore nipples and any cuts, scrapes and grazes

* Hand-crafted Umbilical Cord Tie - see gallery HERE

* 20 ml Nipple Bliss Balm

* Choose one of:

20g After Birth Bliss Tea in 4 individual tea bags OR

20g After Pain-ease Tea in 4 individual tea bags OR

20g No Bleed Bliss Tea in 4 individual tea bags OR 

20g Birthing Bliss tea = in 4 individual tea bags, for convenience

* 3 x 30 ml Herbal Tinctures: Choose from Birth Boost, No Bleed, Placenta Release, After Pain-ease and Mastitis Blitz tinctures.

* 2 x 70g Herbal Teas: Choose from Birth Vibes, Babymoon, Breastfeeding or any other tea.


*** When you check out, there's a place to leave a comment - that's where you can let me know which cord tie, which tinctures and which 70g teas you would like in your Freebirth/Homebirth Kit ***

One more thing - please let me know on Comments at checkout, if you would like me to email you an excerpt of Sara Schmid's excellent eBook, "Freebirth - self directed pregnancy & birth". My view is that regardless of our chosen birth choices or venue, this type of education is vital for empowered womanhood, and adds to our collective knowledge.

Other helpful resources available here:

The Down to Earth Birth Book by Jenny Blyth

Homebirth on Your Own Terms by Heather Baker

Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage by Dr Rachel Reed

Julie's collection of Freebirth/Homebirth links


Useful additions for your birth kit:

Goldenseal Capsules for cord care

Herbal Honey for perineal healing

Yunnan Bai Yao Capsules

Acupressure Birthing Comb

Contraction Helper Roller Ball

Partum Panties

Greeny underpads


  1. Freebirther's must-have!
    By on January 20, 2022

    A must have for freebirthers! We welcomed our #3 little blessing at home peacefully just myself and my husband, nourished by Julie's teas all through labour. Then spent our golden hour together soaking in a bath of petals and Post Natal Bliss tea.
    Each birth has left me with more intense afterpains, I was very pleased with and relied heavily on Julie's after pain-ease tincture for relief.
    I've just ordered my second box in preparation for the arrival of #4 and look forward to opening it and being engulfed in the aroma of its contents. Divine!

  2. Treasure Box!
    By on March 1, 2020

    Baby arrived faster than expected, and even beat the express postman (thanks to Julie for getting it sent so fast!). So, this box arrived just
    a few hours post birth, and it felt like a godsend. Whilst I didn't get to use a couple of the actual labor items (I've gifted them via homebirth forums), I'd certainly order this box again (earlier in my pregnancy!) if I was to be fortunate enough to have a second baby & a second homebirth. EVERYTHING in here is useful, soothing, healing, delicious, easy to use, informative, pretty, crafted with care.... This kit is created, curated, packaged & sent with love. I used it in the hours after birthing my baby girl, and in the days, weeks following, and still now, 5 months on, am still loving using products from this kit. Don't delay; don't um & ah; just dive in and buy it. It will be an invaluable set of tools for your birth!

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