Book: Home Birth On Your Own Terms

$84.50 each

Homebirth On Your Own Terms - a how-to guide for birthing unassisted

by Heather Baker, Traditional Midwife

2nd edition

379 pages

Whether you are planning/wanting/needing to freebirth, or plan to have midwives attend your homebirth; or will be at a birth centre, Airbnb, or hospital - this book contains essential and useful birthing knowledge for any birthing person, regardless of your personal birth philosophy or chosen birth team & venue.

Heather's book is not a medical manual and is not exhaustive - but it is a very helpful basic primer in the essentials you need to know.

Her book covers such topics as pre-natal care, birth prep, pain management, positions, third stage, post partum, managing risk factors and complication, infant resus, and finishes with a number of inspiring birth stories.

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