Umbilical Cord Ties & Sibling Wrist Bands

Beautiful umbilical cord ties for use during the third stage of birth, each one lovingly hand-crafted by me, using hand-dyed threads from a mother-daughter duo whose work is inspired by the tones and hues of a country garden and the glorious Australian bush.

Safe, practical and easy to use, they make a beautiful keepsake of your baby's birth

We have 3 gorgeous designs for you to choose from:

- Mandala 

- Daisy 

- Loveheart

Each cord tie comes with a small glass Millefiori centre bead.

The motifs are approximately 25 mm in diameter.

The threads are 100% cotton and very strong, with a nice long tail so you can tie it really tight.

Full instructions for use come with each umby cord tie.

Each umbilical cord tie is $7.50 when you are purchasing the cord tie as part of a bigger order; or, if you're buying just the cord tie, select the $10.00 option which includes postage.

We also have beautiful matching wrist bands which are just perfect for older siblings. Choose the colour theme you want - then click on 'Option' to see the wrist band option for each thread colour theme.