Herbalist Consultations


From my rooms at home in Warburton, in the beautiful Yarra Valley


1. Two Hour Consult: $150.00

2. Return Consult: $95.00


Wherever possible, it's best to see a qualified herbalist or naturopath for a face to face consultation. Distance consultations are not always appropriate for some health conditions and you will get a far better assessment from a consultation.

However, I do realise that not everyone has ready access to a herbalist.

Therefore, I do offer online video consultations via Facebook Messenger


1. Introduction. First I suggest a 15 minute telephone consultation. This is to assess whether your condition can be treated long distance. This option is also suitable if you have a general enquiry regarding a herbal remedy for a simple ailment - for example, what herbs to use for the common cold or nappy rash.
* Select the option: Herbal Consultation 15 minutes $45.00

2. Full consultation: A full consultation can take place either by telephone or by Facebook Messenger
* Select the option: Herbal Consultation 45 minutes $100.00

3. Repeat consultation: Suitable once your herbs have been sent out and you have been taking it as directed. Usually takes place a few weeks after the initial consultation.
* Select the option: Herbal Consultation 30 minutes $60.00

If you would like an appointment, please purchase one using the options HERE

Please then email julie@blissfulherbs.com.au with a short outline of your condition and details of the best times for you to have an appointment. I will soon be in touch. I do reserve the right not to offer a distance consultation if I do not believe that this is right for you and that your condition can only be treated successfully in person.

Each person is unique. Different constitutions call for different approaches. Herbal consultations with me are based in Western Herbal Medicine personalized and customized to meet your needs.

We will work together to find the root of the issue so we can invite lasting balance back into your body. My sessions are based in ancient holistic approaches of listening to your whole self - body, mind, spirit, and soul.

After each session I will send you a detailed Wellness Plan. It may include the goals we have set, lifestyle suggestions, nutritional guidance, and herbal recipes.

I create a custom blended formula for you which focuses on the systems in your body that are calling for support.

This blend of herbs works harmoniously together to balance your individual constitution.

All the herbs in the formula are organically grown and sustainably wild-crafted.



"There are no incurable diseases — only the lack of will. There are no worthless herbs — only the lack of knowledge."

- Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina, Pur Sina), 980 - 1037 AD