"Your Blissful Herbs are very special and your healing, supporting and nurturing energy flows through them. Full of love. I appreciate your support as a Midwife, sharing the love with me and the women with whom I share the journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum." 

- Midwife Emma Ryder


"I wanted to deeply thank you for the amazing herbal teas, cord tie and bath herbs from you. I had an amazing experience with them all. I'm currently 1 week postpartum and I enjoyed your Birth Vibes tea every night 3 weeks prior to giving birth. I had a spontaneous labour of 45 minutes, no tearing and a beautiful physiological third stage. My son wore your cord tie, and the midwives were astonished that his umbilical cord came away on just day 4. They all asked for more information on the tie. Now I'm sipping your Babymoon Bliss tea while breastfeeding my newborn. He's 8 days old and had his first bath last night with your beautiful herbs and flowers. Thank you for bringing me peace and joy throughout my pregnancy, labour & postpartum experience."
- Amy


"I have used the After Pain-ease Tincture with a couple of women so far who have seen such great results. They reported far less intense afterbirth pains and also a lessening of the duration down to one day. This was a big improvement than after their previous births when the afterpains were far more severe for longer. So thanks very much for this great tool to make the post-natal period much more bearable and enjoyable. The No Bleed Tincture I have used personally as a preventative with a woman who has had two previous PPHs. I gave her the tincture straight after baby was born, before the placenta and she did not bleed excessively. She was shocked as we had a pretty extensive PPH plan. She is amazed."

- Midwife Maet Pearson


"Hi Julie! I thought about you last night. Just wanted to let you know that I had the Birth Vibes herbal tea leading up to my daughter’s birth and I had the After Birth Bliss tea after the birth of babe and before birth of placenta. Everything went PERFECT! I once posted on Facebook about my third stage in my second baby’s birth (the midwife used Controlled Cord Traction, sabotaging my attempt at physiological third stage; and this resulted in a Post Partum Haemorrhage). You gave a reply, detailing how one should be with the birthing mother and baby after the birth, keeping baby and mother skin to skin, keeping the room warm and private, how and when to offer the tea, how to be gentle and quiet, etc. We followed all this to a T and it worked brilliantly. I lost such a small amount of blood. My bleeding after birth lasted 2 weeks (previous two births 11 weeks and 8 weeks). I continued drinking your Babymoon Bliss tea after birth and I did not have a coffee for weeks and weeks, I felt so fresh. I will definitely be ordering up again when we conceive our next baby!"

- Sarah

(Above) Sarah and her baby, born safely at home


Some time ago a mother contacted me asking for herbal help to support post-natal milk supply.
She wrote, “I am 34 weeks with babe number two. With my first baby, I never had any milk supply, my milk just did not come in (despite all the effort and then some). I am planning to try again and would love any teas that may boost my chances both ante and post natally.” 
I shared with her my own heart-breaking experience of low milk supply with my last baby, and commented, “I think stress and exhaustion and adrenal depletion just totally nixes milk supply.”
She responded, “I have a medical science background and for me the whole hormone loop relating thyroid stuff and prolactin / milk ejection etc makes a lot of sense to me. And ABSOLUTELY the adrenal stuff - I can only imagine the amount of cortisol I had pulsing around during those stressful last 7 weeks of my last pregnancy would’ve totally stuffed my adrenals. I ended up with Post Natal Depression because I just expected I’d be able to feed my baby (I’ve got big boobs, so ya know you expect they’ll produce!) Hell of a journey but I am at peace with whatever happens this time, I’m just doing all I can to hedge the odds in my favour!”

Like so many women with inexplicable low milk supply, this mother had. Tried. EVERYTHING.
“I did absolutely everything last time, pumping/feeding on demand/supplements/prescription meds the whole lot. In the end the Lactation Consultant said, “I can count on one hand how many times I’ve said this to a woman in my career, but I’m going to say to you it’s time to stop because it’s not happening.” This was after 3 weeks of basically not sleeping etc.”
All the usual suspects were ruled out. Is this script familiar to the low milk supply mamas out there? It is to me …
“The Lactation Consultant queried Insufficient Glandular Tissue - but I also had a pretty traumatic last 7 weeks of pregnancy (due to a tragedy in the family), had an induction and had uncontrolled thyroid disease, so really the odds weren’t in my favour.”
I sent this customer three products: The Prep For Breastfeeding Tea for late pregnancy; and the Breastfeeding Bliss Tea and the More Milk Tincture for after the birth.
Can you imagine my feelings when just recently, I received this message from her:
“Just wanted to let you know that baby is here. Born (this week) after a pretty traumatic and prolonged induced labour. Despite that, we are home from hospital  - and I AM EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEEDING!!!  Obviously I can’t say without a doubt it’s the Breastfeeding Bliss Tea - but by this stage with my first, I was already formula topping up. And my first labour was nowhere near as traumatic as this one.”
And then a week or so later she added: “Your More Milk Tincture is incredible. Whilst so far I seem to have good supply – big improvement on last time - I am using it anyway, and I can literally feel my breasts getting fuller after I’ve taken it!”
For anyone who’s ever known how devastating low milk supply can be, how exhausting, how frustrating – you know exactly how much of a relief it is to wake up with luscious boobs heavy with milk.

(Above - Rhiannon's baby boy. "That’s milk dribbling out his mouth. Can’t tell you how amazing that is for me to see."