Need Help With Your Order? Tips & FAQs

I hope you've been having fun browsing through the shop!

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the options, you've come to the right place.

Here's a few of my top tips for making your ordering experience a happy and successful one.

Tip #1 - If you're ordering birth supplies, order 6 WEEKS ahead of time. Babies are like wizards (I hear) - they come precisely when they mean to. That way you can have all your birthy kit ready - and relax, no stressing about stuff arriving in time! If you're overseas - add 2 weeks to that ball-park. It helps if you add in Comments at check-out, "I have xx weeks left until baby arrives".

Tip #2 - Get the best out of your postage! The trick is, compiling an order so that your total gross weight (including packaging) sits just under 500 g. Then your postage will be $8.30 anywhere in Australia. And you'll be in the cheapest possible postage price bracket if you're ordering from overseas. I find that an order about $50 - $60 in total works out to be about 495 g gross weight. But if your order slips over 500 g, you can fix it by deleting something off your order. Here is an example of an international order that weighs just under 500 g gross.

Tip #3 - If you are after birth supplies, check out these package deals - they are excellent value, and contain all the essentials, taking a lot of the guess work out of it:

$35 Mother Blessing Kit

$40 Basic Birthy-ness Kit

$50 New Mother Kit

$50 Blissful Birthing Kit

$65 Mother Blessing Kit

$85 Blissful Abundance Kit

$100 Freebirth/Homebirth Kit


Tip #4: If your total order weight does happen to be under 500 g gross weight, you might consider choosing Express postage. It's $11.30 instead of $8.30 - just $3.00 more. If you're shopping for Elderberry Syrup or Saving Grace Cordial, you need to choose Express postage so that the products go from my fridge to yours in the shortest time possible - because we use no preservative.

Tip #5: What's the turn around, I hear you ask? Very good question, with no simple answer! I try my level best to get your order out within a week of you placing it. Sometimes I'm quite the super-star and manage to get it in the post within a day or so. Sometimes, when forces all collide and I have an influx of orders coinciding with family and community responsibilities - or a long weekend (post office closed) - it can stretch out to longer. Sorry! It's just me, one person - I have no staff! So if your order is urgent, please mention that in Comments at check out - and select Express!

Please note, we are unable to provide refunds for products that did not arrive in time for your birth. See Tip #1!

Tip #6: Local Pick Up - a great option if you're anywhere near Warburton, located 100 km east of Melbourne! Otherwise - best to choose postage, and Express postage if it's time sensitive! See Tip #2 ...

Tip #7: "Where's My Order?" I hear you say. First thing - check your "spam" or "junk". That's where the notification emails from the website often end up. If you've waited a few more days and are still left wondering, please contact me and request a tracking number. I get so many such requests each week, I'm spending more time tracking down orders than packing them, it feels like! So please be patient - and double check that spam folder. Thanks, folks.

Tip #8: Special Requirements

- Vegans should be aware that the herbal balms and perfume balms do contain beeswax.

- Those needing to avoid gluten should be aware that the ingredient Oatstraw cannot be guaranteed to contain no gluten.

- The herbal tinctures do contain alcohol, as the herbs are extracted in alcohol. For those needing to avoid alcohol, I do have a limited range of glycetracts available HERE

Tip #9: International Orders

Yes, we do post to Europe, the Americas, New Zealand and other places.

However please be aware that international postage is expensive and quite slow lately. 99% of our international orders make it in good time with no problems, but we wish to advise that there was one recent order to Switzerland that went missing; and one to New Zealand was stopped by Customs and had one packet of tea confiscated. The herbs are heat-treated already and should be deemed safe; however we cannot take responsibility for the Customs rules of other countries and cannot pay for treatments by Customs of reimburse for any items confiscated. Just letting you know up front so you can decide if it's worth the risk.





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