Contact Me

I am proud to be a work-from-home-mum running my own business from home!

All the while involved in off-and-on home-schooling, volunteer work locally and overseas - as well as continuing study.

- just like so many of my amazing customers!

So I know you'll understand that sometimes I'll be at my desk - and sometimes I won't!

However - I am super keen to talk with you, it's always an absolute pleasure to hear from my customers and talk about all those things we love and are so passionate about - health, birth, parenting, relationships, family, business, the planet, faith, feminism and more!

I hope we'll be able to chat via our Livechat - if the stars collude to have us both accessing a device at the same time.

(Hint: best way to contact me is via email:  Instant messages are so easy to lose track of! So if it's important - email me!)

But if not, please get in touch, and know that I will do my very best to get back to you as soon as possible.

I also invite you to check out my herbalist consultation offers, starting at $30 for a 15 minutes introductory phone consult.

Have a beautiful day and let's chat soon!

With love and warmth,