Sales and Specials

Here are our fabulous specials for this time of year!

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I avoid stock-piling products so I can get your herbs to you when they are fresh as possible.

I use no preservatives or chemical nasties - so that means, a short shelf-life - so best to keep things moving!

All this means great news for you as a customer, with loads of specials and fun giveaways.


Nature Deva Perfume Balms - open the lid - the fragrance fills the room!

Anointing Oil - impart blessing

E-Book: A Doula's Guide to Looking After Your Perineum

Glass Tea Bottle- back in stock

Ancient Gates - birth affirmation cards & labour playlist


Lotus Birth Kits & Cord Burning Bowls

And here we have everything you need to get you through winter, flu season - and CORONAVIRUS!!! A very stressful time for everyone, but here we have teas, bath herbs, hand sanni, masks and more to help you and your family stay well, and hopefully, even calm. We're also in lock down and doing the 'learning/working from home' juggle so we sure relate!

Beating the Dreaded Lurgy - give that virus the vamoose

Face-masks - cloth, disposable, KN95, filters, and ear-savers

Hand sanitizer