Sales and Specials

Here are our fabulous specials for this time of year!

Please follow my Facebook and Instagram for lightening-quick specials that occur from time to time so you don't miss out!

I avoid stock-piling products so I can get your herbs to you when they are fresh as possible.

I use no preservatives or chemical nasties - so that means, a short shelf-life - so best to keep things moving!

All this means great news for you as a customer, with loads of specials and fun giveaways.

Here's our curated list of gift ideas for Christmas & all the joyous festivities:

Blissful Chai - available as a black tea or Rooibos blend

Sassy Soap - all natural, rich lather and gorgeous fragrance

Calm the Farm roller ball - lovely for stress relief

Tranquillity Perfume Balm - all natural and smells divine

Aussie Mozzie Insect Repellant Balm - for your keen out-doors-y folks

Quartz Essential Oil Bottle Pendant - to fill with essential oils and wear around your neck

Bath Salts & Botanicals in Apothecary Jar - pretty on the bathroom shelf and lovely for a luxurious soak

Spice of Life Organic Herb Sprinkle - yummiest culinary blend ever, and good for you!

Set of 4 Blissful Herbs Notecards - with original artwork, and blank for your message

Washi Paper Tea Cannisters - perfect for storing 100g of your favourite loose-leaf tea

Baby Catcher Silver Pendant - hand wrought by a mistress silversmith, this is the perfect gift for any midwyfe!

Rainbow tie-dye nappies - 100% cotton square flats - practical and colourful, the cloths of a thousand uses.

Nature Deva Perfume Balms - open the lid - the fragrance fills the room!

Blissful Bath Tubes - fragrant, therapeutic & a lovely gift to show you care

Rose Gold Tea Infuser - gentle on herbs & fun to use

Perfume & Essential Oil Roller Ball Bottles