Tie Dye cloth nappies/wraps - square, flat

$14.50 each

I have long been a fan of the gorgeous work of Amelia of Sunny Daisy Tie Dye.

The most delectable onesies, nappies, and affirmation banners I've ever seen.

I decided to stock a tantalizing sample of Amelia's handiwork because I thought it would be lovely to use her hand-dyed nappies as placenta wraps - then later, they can be re-purposed as spill cloths etc.

I always used Modern Cloth Nappies (shaped) for the babies but I dunno how I would have survived mum-hood without a massive stack of flat squares which I used for literally everything else.

Whatever you end up using these terry cloth squares for, I know they'll brighten your day.

Brought to you by fair dinkum, true blue, real McCoy, homegrown family-owned, home-based Mum-preneurs - Amelia, and me!

Amelia advises:

"Your tie-dyed creations have been dyed using professional grade dyes that will not run or fade in the wash. We recommend washing separately the first time and drying in the shade whenever possible."


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