Washi Paper Tea Cannisters

$14.50 each

You've probably noticed ... I LOVE colour!

I lived almost two decades of my life in different parts of Asia and absolutely loved the incredible artisanship, designs and textiles from each place.

The holiday season is upon us and these gorgeous authentic Washi Paper Tea Canisters are just perfect for gifts.

These canisters have a decorative paper finish, a traditional Japanese art form and we have several different patterns.

All our Washi Paper Tea Canisters come with an airtight freshness seal inside.

They stand 15 cm tall and are 7 cm in diameter, and comfortably hold 100g of loose herbal tea (they estimate 200g of heavier teas like green or black tea).

They will brighten up your pantry and provide great storage for fresh herbal tea and other goodies.

You won't want these to get wet, so store carefully!

Be super quick if you want to snag the one you like best - these are on offer just for a limited time!

Please advise in Comments at Checkout which colours or design caught your eye, and I'll do my best to send you the one you like or something similar.


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