'Baby Catcher' fine silver pendant

$190.00 each

This beautiful piece is something really special for the amazing birthy people in our community.

Hand-crafted by mistress jeweller, Allison Korn, from Brattleboro, Vermont, USA, the baby-catcher pendant honours the instincts that women release into as they birth their babies.

It depicts a mother catching her own baby under the full moon.

The piece is just under 3 cm in diameter. It is fine silver (.999) and hangs on a sterling silver chain.

The mama and the moon are slightly raised polished silver, while the background has earthy orange, red, and purple tones.

Allison creates this colourful patina with a technique using liver of sulfur and flash heating under hot water. The colors develop rapidly, on their own. It is a process of letting go and allowing the piece to come into its own.

As such, the piece you receive may have minimal variations from the photo pictured. This is part of the beauty of the craft- no two pieces are exactly the same, and each has their own special energy.

Allison says, "I create pieces to help empower, connect, and heal. I draw my inspiration from nature, poetry and people's stories of resilience."

So you can see why I felt Blissful Herbs just had to feature her craftswomanship in our gift boutique!


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