Bath Salts & Botanicals

$9.95 each

A pretty little gift in an apothecary jar, or amber glass jar, to grace any bathroom.

Ideal as an "I care about you" gift.

The apothecary jar is approx 110 mm in diameter and 80 mm in height, containing 190g of bath salts

The amber jar is approx 90 cm diameter and 95 cm in height, containing 300g of bath salts

Each jar is filled with petals of Calendula, Rose, Lavender & Cornflower & Heather; plus fragrant herbs of Anise Myrtle, Peppermint, & Lemon Myrtle and a blend of Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Magnesium Flakes, Dead Sea Salts and Sodium Bicarb.

Add liberally to a warm bath for truly heavenly treat.



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