Garcon Umbilical Cord Tie

$8.50 each

We have several gorgeous threads to choose from, in various shades and tones of blue, including the Quinn, Blue Wren, Bonnie Brook, Prue, Elderberry, Lobelia and Saskia threads.

This one is a real "little boy blue" shade of blue, straight from the nursery rhyme, and aptly named with the French word for 'boy' - garcon.

(Of course, we think any shade of blue is an absolutely gorgeous colour for any baby.)

NOTE: If you are buying only a cord tie with no other products, please note the option to select cord tie + postage for $12.00

This will save you paying $8.95 in postage for just one cord tie!

Just let me know in the comments at check out if you want a Mandala, Loveheart or Daisy.


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