Anastasia Umbilical Cord Tie

$9.50 each

We just have to have a proper Chartreuse cord tie, don't we?? I always wanted a Kombi Van in this exact shade. It's such a happy colour!

The thread has two subtle tones woven through it; one if bright lime, the other a slightly more muted chartreuse. I think this gives the thread depth and movement than if it were one straight shade.

Each cord tie is hand-crafted by me personally and includes a little centre bead.

This cord ties is available in Mandala, Daisy and Loveheart patterns.

NOTE: If you are buying only a cord tie with no other products, please note the option to select cord tie + postage for $12.00

This will save you paying $8.95 in postage for just one cord tie!

Just let me know in the comments at check out if you want a Mandala, Loveheart or Daisy.

Yes, this is where you can get a matching wrist band. Click on the small grey arrow just to the right of where it says, 'Option' and you will be able to see the drop-down menu.


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