Birth Bra

$25.00 each

Here we have a selection of front-opening bras, in various styles & sizes.

With one of these, you can wear a comfy crop-style bra throughout your labour (in or out of your birth pool).

Then, when baby is born, it's 'ezpz' to simply unzip (or un-snap) the front of your bra so that you & baby can have unimpeded skin-to-skin in the twinkling of an eye!

And of course - super convenient for breastfeeding too!

(Excuse the super model-y photos for now, until I can find some luscious preggy/birthy mamas to model for us!)

The red & black bras have 4 press-studs at the front, also easy to just un-snap when you want baby against your bare skin. There's no underwire and nice wide straps, so as well as looking cute, these bras are also super comfy.


A note about sizing:

The sizes given are approximate!

The manufacturer's sizing tends small, so if in doubt, I would choose a size up.

Also, the zipper sports bras are fully adjustable in two places - the torso band, and the shoulder straps (at the front, see photos). This makes it easier to adjust the bras for a good, snug fit. I tried one on & loved it - very comfy and supportive, and I like that you can adjust the straps.


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