2 x capsules of Goldenseal Root Powder & cotton buds

$3.50 each

Goldenseal Root Powder is highly anti-microbial.

This herb is now very rare, so we only use it in sparingly.

Here we offer two capsules for you to apply to the baby's umbilicus with a cotton bud, to prevent infection and aid in the drying and healing.

This is enough for daily applications until the stump dried up and falls off.

For cord care, external use only.

More about our Goldenseal:

Our Goldenseal Root is sourced from a farm in USA where it is grown organically and harvested responsibly. It is not wild-crafted!

Goldenseal, a perennial in the Buttercup family, is a North American native plant with a long, colorful folk history.

Goldenseal root has an earthy, bitter flavor and bright yellow color.

Goldenseal is an amazing herb for its gut tropho-restorative benefits - but should not be taken internally during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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