The Down to Earth Birth Book

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The Down to Earth Birth Book is a practical guide to natural birth in any setting, promoting self-nurturing, responsibility and awareness to help create a conscious birth and parenting experience.

This is a 'grass roots' book that celebrates the innate intelligence of mind, body and spirit in relation to birth.

I have had the great honour to be in the presence of Jenny Blyth on a few occasions, and each time, Jenny imparted something to me that has informed my work in caring for birthing women.

Jenny is the real deal.

So is her book.

I am so happy to finally stock this absolute treasure of a book - my favourite book to give to my adult daughters and to all the women I love just as if they were my daughters.

If there is one word I would use to describe Jenny, and her books, it's this: AUTHENTIC.


  1. So practical and comprehensive
    By on January 5, 2023

    A wonderful resource to have on hand while planning an empowered, natural birth and postpartum period.

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