Woolf cord ties & wrist bands

$12.50 each

In the photo, this thread looks gold, but the photo doesn't pick up the subtle khaki green tinge within this thread. If you can imagine you're polishing some brass, and there's that greenish tinge as the "Brasso" does its work - that's the colour.

You also see these shades in Sphagnum moss, just as the moist green segues into the dry patches.

Each cord tie is hand-crafted by me personally and includes a little centre bead.

This cord tie is available in Mandala, Daisy and Loveheart patterns.

I can also make you a matching wrist band. Click on 'Option' and the drop down menu will appear so you can select the items you want.

NOTE: If you are buying only a cord tie with no other products, please note the option to select cord tie + postage for $15.00

This will save you paying $8.95 in postage for just one cord tie!

Just let me know in the comments at check out if you want a Mandala, Loveheart or Daisy.


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