Post Natal Bliss Peri-Care Kits

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$23.50 each

These are the perfect gift for any new mother, especially suitable following a vaginal birth, but also lovely to support healing following caeasarean birth.

I suggest a minimum of 25 g for a decent bath - though to be honest, I usually use more like 50 g in my herbal baths!

This is how I do it:

Fill the muslin bag with the loose herbs. 

Place in a large Pyrex bowl.

Pour on hot water from the kettle until the sachet in totally immersed.

Put a plate over the bowl as a lid, to prevent the essential oils from escaping, and steep for 15 minutes or so.

In the meantime - run your bath.

Reserve some of the herbal liquid from your bowl to fill your peri bottle and set aside. You might want to save a little more herbal liquid in another container, to re-fill your peri bottle later.

Now: add everything left in the bowl to your bath - herbal liquid, wet sachet and all.

Feel free to add Epsom's Salts, Sea Salt, essential oils or petals to your bath. Candles, music - why not!

These herbs are perfectly safe for you to take your baby into the bath with you - just make sure there is someone around to help you both get out safely, and make sure the bath water isn't too hot for baby.

Step in and gently stir with your body ...


100 g Post Natal Bliss herbs + peri bottle + small muslin drawstring bag + full instructions = 20.00

150 g Post Natal Bliss herbs + peri bottle + large muslin drawstring bag + full instructions = 27.50

200 g Post Natal Bliss herbs + peri bottle + large muslin drawstring bag + full instructions = 33.50


  1. Peri Bottle is a must!
    By on September 2, 2019

    This is a great kit! I used it after my last birth. I loved having the option of making the tea into a bath using the muslin bag, or steeping it and using the peri bottle (best thing ever postnatally!). I credit the sue of this tea to healing quickly!

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