Nature Deva Perfume Balms

$23.50 each

I'm very sorry to say that this gorgeous business has sadly closed down.

Such small hand-made businesses are our national treasures.

I loved Penny's gorgeous creations and I wish her well for her future.

I still have a few perfume balms left in stock, but of course, the choice is limited and only while stocks last.


Blissful Herbs is absolutely committed to supporting small, local, Australian businesses. And we are delighted to now be stockists for Nature Deva perfume balms, lovingly hand-crafted by Penny Maddock, right here in the Yarra Valley.

These gorgeous perfumes balms are a dab of pure, unadulterated luxury.

They are completely free of synthetic petro-chemicals , made with nourishing, organic ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil and pure therapeutic grade essential oils, set with certified organic beeswax.

Instead of drying the skin as alcohol-based perfumes tend to do, these balms nourish and moisturize the skin.

As well as smelling absolutely amazing, the essential oils have benefits for mind and body.

Dab a little balm on pulse points and enjoy the gorgeous aroma and therapeutic effects.

We have four beautiful balms with distinct, unique scents for you to choose from:

Amber Aroma - a deeply comforting, sweet & grounding scented balm, it is made by blending Labdanum Rock Rose with tree resin from the Benzoin Styrax tree and Vanilla pods to create this delightful & attractive scent.

Heart - this best-selling balm blends the much-loved Rose Damasque oil with two different types of Sandalwood to create a warm, yet delicate fragrance. It has an up-lifting, reassuring sense about it, as well as the impression of love and subtle sensuality.

Throat - this balm smells absolutely delicious, with oils of Lime, Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Cinnamon. Penny says her family put some on at the first tickle of a sore throat, and it helps immensely. What a beautiful item to add to a winter wellness care package for a friend, perhaps with some Cold & Flu Blitz Tea.

Comfort -this one's gentle, but there's a sturdy strength that comes through in the scent too. Just what you need when weathering challenges such as grief or loss. It contains soothing Bergamot, calming Roman Chamomile, cheering Jasmine, comforting Frankincense, grounding Vetiver, releasing Geranium and balancing Lavender. This balm would be a beautiful addition to our Bereavement Care Packages.

Venus - well we just had to have this one, and as you'd expect ... it smells DIVINE. When you're in the mood ... this'll definitely provide a boost. With oils of Sweet Orange, tantalising Patchouli, sensual Ylang Ylang, and mood-enhancing White Grapefruit, this would make a perfect gift for someone special, along with my Lover's Bliss Tea.

Jasmine & Sandalwood - ohhh it smells divine! Jasmine is emotionally warming and uplifting. Blended with precious Sandalwood to ease tension and stress. Not suitable during pregnancy, as Jasmine can act on the uterus.



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