Glass Tea Infuser Bottle

$27.50 each

I have been absolutely LOVING our fab new Tea Infuser Bottles. Now they have a cute little Blissful Herbs logo on the lid.

They are double-walled glass and keep your tea nice and hot for quite a few hours. The rim where you sip is smooth and such a nice shape that it's really a pleasure.

You place the tea in the little stainless steel caddy and drop it into place inside the bottle.

Then fill with hot water and have the fun of watching the herbs infuse. The bottle takes a little over 400 mls.

The eco-friendly bamboo lid screws on snugly and prevents any drips or spills.

My tea bottle is making me fall in love with herbal tea all over again. It has to go with me everywhere - like my Soothing Salve!

AND - the tea infuser bottle is not only for herbal teas. Add berries, fresh mint or lemon balm, cucumber, lemon lime or grapefruit - for a flavourful blast of healing anti-oxidants and vitamins, and make hydration super fun and tasty.

Each bottle is $25.00 - and you receive a free packet of Cold & Flu Blitz or Serenitea with every tea infuser bottle purchase - this offer is just for the first 40 customers - so be quick!

This product does come with a consumer warning though ... there's a high risk that swilling herbal tea will become addictive!



  1. Gorgeous
    By on June 28, 2019

    I love my bottle. It goes with me everywhere. The rim is soft on your lips and the tea stays warm for quite a while. Having this makes me drink more tea ...

  2. Glass tea infuser bottle
    By on July 24, 2018

    I love, love ,love this glass tea infuser bottle
    It keeps my tea nice and warm for those days when I’m on the go, it is beautiful in its simple look and feel with it’s clear double glass and smooth bamboo lid , and I love that I can see the tea infusing, this product has became a staple go to for me as a mum of three energetic children and working its fantastic to have a nice warm tea to enjoy throughout the day.

  3. Glass tea bottles
    By on July 24, 2018

    These bottles are so great! Perfect for winter and for carrying warm tea on the go. The lid also doesn't leak which I love so it means I can carry it in my bag! Highly recommend!!

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