Artisan pottery tea sets by Rohan

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Blissful Herbs is immensely proud to be an exclusive outlet for Rohan's divine tea sets, and a promoter of an emerging artistic talent.

As a parent I'm just stunned that someone so young is producing such exceptional work.

I recently received my first tea-set from Rohan and you just couldn't wipe the smile of my face. And just as I thought - my tea tastes super lovely in receptacles made with such heart and love - just as when I make up my herbal blends.

I know that having one of Rohan's tea sets in your house will bring you joy just it has for me, and that when you take a quiet moment to have your own little "tea ceremony", it will be all the more special knowing the story behind its creation.

Here is Rohan's story:


"I first got into pottery around 5 years ago, during my secondary schooling. I chose an elective subject in Ceramics, and was immediately drawn to the pottery wheel. Around the time I was having my first classes, a friend of Dad's dropped a wheel off at our house. I soon became hooked, and after learning the basics at school I could also practice at home! My teacher, Wendy, allowed me to spend all of my time in class on the wheel, even though there was meant to be other hand building assessment tasks! Wendy was amazingly supportive and gave me a key to use the school's space even after I graduated.

Spending time on the wheel was deeply relaxing and meditative for me. During my VCE years, with the stress of assessments and exams, I would often sit down, make whatever, and leave the wheel with a clear mind. To this day I still find it to be a very hypnotic and therapeutic meditation.

The properties of clay continues to amaze me. At the throwing stage it’s both sticky and slippery, depending on how much water is applied. With the correct lubrication, the clay is responsive to pressure and can be shaped by the hands into a desired form. The clay I use is a fine white stoneware. It’s incredibly soft to touch. As it drys it becomes firm and leathery and can be held without deforming. Handles, spouts and texture can added, and clay can be neatly shaved away. Once fully dry it is very delicate, and chalk-like. At this stage it’s ready to fire. Two firings occur, the second after the application of glaze. The result after glaze firing is a watertight, functional and durable piece.

I love the symmetry of the shapes that can be made on the wheel. I’m particularly drawn to smooth flowing forms that have a balanced look about them. Some shapes I like left clean to accentuate a flowing curve. Others ask for experimentation with different textures such as facets, lines or chattering.

Clay is such a fundamental and wonderful material of this Earth. My love for the planet is encapsulated in each piece I make. I hope my work inspires people to live creative lives and share a love for the natural beauty of this planet!"

Rohan Lumsdon-Hill





  1. So beautiful
    By on July 24, 2018

    I am blown away by how perfectly created and designed these tea pots are. I can't believe how perfect and symmetrical they are. Makes me want to brew a pot right away. Love everything about them. Rohan is such a dedicated and talented potter.

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