Essential Oils


Here I will share the products I have personally used and loved.


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Herbs have gently led me into a whole world of appreciation of whole foods, nature's medicine and natural well-being. The discreet use of essential oils on occasion, dovetails beautifully with my herbalism adventures.

You may have noticed I use essential oils in my balms and salves. I choose the best quality, organic, authentic, ethical ingredients that I can find to be in my products, and the Young Living essential oils tick all those boxes for me.

To be honest, I was never really a fan of EOs. I would smell them and think, hmm, smells a bit sharp and alcoholic-y. I would add a few drops to my kids' baths to kill any greeblies but that was about it.

But when I received my Starter Kit, I opened a bottle of StressAway. I fell instantly in love! I thought, so THAT'S what essential oils are SUPPOSED to smell like! That's the difference when they're the best and purest oils!


Then I got a cute diffuser and started diffusing oils every day. I love Peace & Calming, Tranquility, Joy and Valour.

Thieves is amazing for absolutely everything, it's potently anti-microbial and that hint of cinnamon and cloves is just delicious. I add a few drops to warm water when I want to soak a wound - be it human, cat or chook wound! 

There are many occasions in which I prefer the whole-plant therapeutics of herbs, but EOs have their place too. 

How do they work?

*** Essential oils are nutrient-dense: essential oils are often called the life force of the plant or the heart and soul of the plant. They are the most powerful part of the plant, without which the plant wouldn’t exist (hence the term essential). Their very function is to carry nutrients into the cells of plants. So essential oils have the same role in plants as blood does in the human body - to carry nutrients into cells.

*** Essential oils are detoxifying: pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are highly oxygenating. In fact pure essential oils are scientifically documented to carry the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance known to us. Given the ubiquitous toxicity of our modern day environment, it is now more important than ever to use detoxifying tools at our disposal - like pure essential oils to assist the body in its near constant detoxification task. 

So essential oils beautifully dovetail into my health and wellness paradigm of increasing nourishment on the one hand and reducing toxins on the other hand. They are simply another tool in my health toolbox to increase nourishment and decrease toxicity in our bodies. 

There's a world of knowledge to learn about essential oils, and as a member of my team, you'll have access to so much helpful information not only about the products, but about how to build a successful and satisfying business or income stream as well (if that's your jam).

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