Artisan Tea Sets by Rohan

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you pottery artisan Rohan Lumsdon-Hill from Bendigo.

I recently went to visit my daughter in Bendigo, and stayed in her University share house. One of the excellent things about your young people leaving home is that you get to meet some of the brilliant people THEY are meeting. I collectively fell in love with everyone in Talitha's Uni share house - all creative, interesting and super-talented young people. Most of them are doing Outdoor Education and the Outdoor Edders sure do have a bit of rep for being quirky individuals who march (meander, dance, prance, wander, par kour, unicycle) to the beat of very different and diverse drums.

Into the room came Rohan and I was immediately struck by his quiet yet vital manner ... I would say, energy. Talking with Rohan feels like communing with a creature in the wild - a deer, a platypus, a Leadbeater's Possum (OK, I have never seen a Leadbeater's Possum in the wild ...)

I knew as soon as I met Rohan and saw his work that I had been blessed to come across a very special talent. He is a true artist and his love for people, nature and art imbues everything he does. I was literally moved to tears by the beauty of his work and the deep, still gentleness of this young man's character. I am so proud to introduce the work of Rohan Lumsdon-Hill to you and to announce that Blissful Herbs will be stocking his beautiful and unique hand-crafted tea sets.

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