"I Just Want EVERYTHING!" Deluxe Birth Kit

$300.00 each

I've been getting a few emails lately from people overwhelmed with all the choices and options and basically saying, "Gosh darn it take my money and just send me All The Things!!"

OK! I hear you!

And so we have the "I just Want EVERYTHING!" Deluxe Birthing Kit.

No guesswork. Fantastic Value. And everything you could possibly need for a blissfully, herbally, wonderful baby-having time.

(Please note, subject to availability, substitutions may be made without notice in the package deals. If something is super important to you, sure, leave me a note in Comments at check out and I'll do what I can. But for example, Pretty Petals are not available during the winter months, etc.)

The "I Just Want EVERYTHING!" Deluxe Birthing Kit includes:

* 200g Post Natal Bliss bath herbs + peri bottle + 2 muslin drawstring bags (you put the loose dry herbs in these)

* 75 ml Soothing Salve in stainless steel tin

* 50 ml Perineal Massage Oil with 6-page instruction booklet

* 5 x 30 ml bottles; one of each tincture: Birth Boost, Placenta Release, No Bleed, After Pain-ease, Mastitis Blitz

* 70g Pregnancy Bliss Tea

* 70g Birth Vibes Tea

* 70g Babymoon Bliss Tea

* 70g Breastfeeding Bliss Tea

* 20g Birthing Bliss Tea in 4 individual tea bags

* 20g After Birth Bliss Tea in 4 individual tea bags

* 1 x Umbilical Cord Tie (choose colour here) - hand-crafted by me personally

* Acupressure Birthing Comb

* 20 ml Nipple Bliss Balm in amber glass jar

* 20 ml Rhoid-Rid Balm in stainless steel tin

* 1 x instant henna tube

* 35g Congrats Dad tea OR Best Ever Childbirth Support (BECS) Tea

This kit is worth $334.00 if you bought all the items individually ... but the total cost of this kit (before postage) is $300.00.

"You must be crazy, Julie!"

Nahh, I just want you to have all the lovely things with NO stress, NO guesswork and NO stabbing your calculator ... because I have done it for you - and with peace of mind knowing you really are getting a great deal.

When you order, just let me know in Comments at check out -

1. Your colour choice for your cord tie

3. Your choice of 35g Congrats Dad tea OR Best Ever Childbirth Support (BECS) Tea

Can't be faffed? No problem. If I see nothing in Comments, I will guess for you. Trust me - I DO remember Pregnancy Brain!

OK, a few FAQs:

1. When should I order?

- I suggest you order this kit when you are in your 6th month of pregnancy. Then, even with postal delays (or because I'm taking some family time), you'll still get your kit in good time to still benefit from the Pregnancy Bliss Tea, and also start on the Birth Vibes Tea and the Gentle Prep Tea (at around 36 weeks). This is also the ideal time to commence perineal massage. (If that's not your thing, the Perineal Massage Oil is wonderful as a belly rub or all-over massage oil. Yes - you can use it on healed caesarean scars too).

(Note - the picture you see here isn't the actual kit. It's just a pretty pic I had at hand - I will take new pics of the whole massive kit soon! This is just to give you an idea. Because it's nicer than staring at a grey box that says. "No Image Available" or some such!)

Useful additions for your birth kit:

Goldenseal Capsules for cord care

Herbal Honey for perineal healing

Yunnan Bai Yao Capsules

Acupressure Birthing Comb

Contraction Helper Roller Ball

Partum Panties

Greeny underpads



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