Virilitea For Men

$20.00 each
This tea is a blend of specially chosen herbs to:

- nourish the male reproductive system

- support male fertility

- enhance libido

The Virilitea For Men contains:

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) - a strengthening adaptogen with fertility enhancing properties. A 1992 study found that Astragalus significantly increased the motility of human sperm. The article stated that because poor sperm motility is a chief concern in male infertility, Astragalus could be a viable complement to assisted reproductive technology.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) - a soothing tonic for the sexual organs that may also help treat nervous tension and anxiety, support sexual function and enhance libido.

Gingko (Gingko biloba) - enhances circulation to all peripheral areas, including the prostate, penis and gonads.

Gotu Kola
(Centella asiatica) - may increase fertility by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) - this strengthening adaptogen herb is also rich in anti-oxidants. which scavenge the free-radicals that cause disease and enhance oxygenation of cells. It supports natural progesterone and stimulates fertility. It is also an aphrodisiac.

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) - this herb is a strengthening adaptogen and male tonic, believed to increase levels of testosterone, help with both sperm count and sperm motility, and help with male impotence.

Saw Palmetto
(Serenoa repens) this natural steroid is a male tonic which helps build tissue and stimulate the glands that produce sperm. In addition, it may be able to help with low libido and prostate issues. Its anti-inflammatory action also supports healthy fertility.

How to use:

Place 1 tbsp of loose herbs in your chosen pot, jug or jar.

Pour on 1 cup of hot water, cover and steep for 10 minutes.

Pour through a strainer into your chosen mug.

Honey, aguave or lemon may be added to taste.

The tea may be drunk hot, warm or iced.

Drink 2-4 cups daily.


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