Tummy Bliss Tea

$8.50 each

This delicious tea is a soothing herbal blend to help support healthy digestion.

It settles the stomach, balances acidity and eases intestinal spasms.

The Tummy Bliss Tea contains 100% Australian Certified Organic:

Chamomile – gently supports digestion and eases stomach spasms & cramps

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) – not just for cats! A useful herb for supporting the digestive system – also reduces fever.

Chen Pi (Citrus reticulata) – a carminative herb and aromatic digestive, helpful for gastro-intestinal issues.

Fennel – settles the stomach, counters abdominal cramps, reduces acidity.

Ginger – a sweet, aromatic herb which improves digestion, controls nausea & vomiting and relieves spasm.

Lemongrass – reduces intestinal spasm, also helpful for head colds.

Peppermint – a calming herb which eases digestion and reduces nausea.


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