Peace of Mind Tea

$7.50 each

This delicious, soothing tea contains herbs to gently ease feelings of worry and anxiety, support calm and relaxation and help alleviate stress by nourishing the nervous system, adrenals, thyroid and liver.

Californian Poppy – with anxiolytic action, to calm panic attacks and emotional stress. Also relieves nerve-generated pain.

Lemon Balm - a calming nervine herb useful for tension headaches and migraine.

Oatstraw – an excellent nervine tonic and restorative that nourishes and calms the nervous system, relieving anxiety.

Passionflower – a nervine with sedative and anxiolytic properties, that soothes the nervous system and eases stress and headaches.

Skullcap – a nervine tonic and restorative with tranquilising properties, eases anxiety and insomnia, reduces muscle tension and spasm.

Schisandra – a tonic, adaptogen berry which supports the liver (that is put under strain from stress); and eases anxiety and insomnia.

Vervain – a nervine tonic with calming, sedative properties, which, like Schisandra, also supports the liver.

Withania – a strengthening adaptogen herb that calms the nervous system, supports the thyroid and increases ability to cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue.

This blend is not suitable during pregnancy but is suitable for use during breastfeeding.


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