Masty Blitz Compress Herbs

$9.50 each

Soothing, healing herbs to ease the pain of mastitis and help clear blocked ducts.

These topical compress herbs include:

Calendula – supports drainage of lymph fluids

Chamomile – with anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and pain relieving properties, effective for mastitis.

Dandelion - improves circulation to the site of infection, reduces swelling and clears toxins, supports lymphatic drainage.

Echinacea – boosts the immune system to clear infection

Marshmallow - a very soothing and healing remedy for mastitis
Pokeroot (Phytolacca) – an effective lymphatic for the topical treatment of mastitis (do not use Pokeroot internally)

Sage – a potent antimicrobial & antiseptic herbs to combat infection
Yarrow – a natural anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic herb which heals internal and topical infections and removes heat and toxins from the body.


Make a strong tea of the herbs, then dip soft muslin cloths into the herbal liquid and apply hot to the affected area (careful - not too hot - just as hot as you can bear without discomfort. Try it on your inner wrist first!) When the cloth has cooled, dip into the herbal liquid and repeat. If you can do 10 minutes of this, 3 times a day during the acute phase, you'll be doing well. Then follow up by applying the Masty Blitz Topical Balm in between rounds of the compress, and drink some Masty Blitz Tea, 2-3 cups daily until you feel better.

If things don't improve, try the Masty-Blitz Tincture.

Don't let mastitis get away on you though, go to bed. Rest, eat, drink. Keep the breast empty as far as possible. Support your immune system. Take pro-biotics. If you're not noticing improvement, please, get thee to medical help and consider anti-biotics. They have their place!




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