Lotus Birth Kits

$45.00 each

These handy drawstring bags are perfect for use during Lotus Birth.

Lotus Birth is the practice of allowing the placenta to remain attached to the baby until the umbilicus dried up and falls off naturally, usually around Day 3- 4.

They are two layers of cotton fabric, with a round base of 6 inches (15 cm) diameter.

Each Lotus Birth Kit comes with:

- two absorbent organic unbleached muslin wrapping cloths

- 60g of Lotus Birth Bliss Herbs to sprinkle on the placenta prior to wrapping.

- info sheet with full instructions

Step 1: Carefully rinse and pat dry the placenta.

Step 2: Sprinkle all surfaces of the placenta with the Lotus Birth Bliss herb mix

Step 3: Wrap the placenta in a clean muslin cloth and carefully place inside the drawstring bag.



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