Lip Balm

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$10.00 each

A gorgeous lip balm that is yummy enough to eat!

In a small sturdy plastic screw-top container, it's perfect to slip into pocket or bag.

It contains beautifully blended oils and essential oils to create a luscious, soothing balm that your lips will love.


Oils of Calendula, Coconut, Hemp, Olive & Rosehip

Shea butter


Aloe Vera

Essential oils of Cinnamon, Lime, Orange & Vanilla



  1. The Best Lip Balm
    By on February 28, 2024

    My son periodically suffers from dry lips that chap and develops sores above his top lip. Julie gave him this balm to keep in his pocket and told him to apply it when it felt sore or he felt inclined to 'moisten' with his saliva. He diligently applied it and with 36 hrs the redness had subsided. Uses it as part of the every day now. One of those things that you carry about with you everywhere you go. Smells heavenly and doesn't feel heavy or thick when you apply it.

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