Henna Tubes, Powder & Applicators

$3.95 each


These tubes of fast-dry henna are handy and easy to use for decorating hands, bellies, feet etc for mother blessings, menarche blessings and any other time to mark a special celebration.

Imported from India, these Golecha henna tubes do not contain Ammonia, PPD or any harmful chemicals.

They are *nearly* as easy to use as a texta, just keep the part you're decorating still for a few minutes until the henna fully dries, to avoid smudging (bit like painting your nails). 

1 tube is generally enough for one pregnant belly design (depending on how elaborate it is).

If you are drawing a very intricate design or plan to do feet and hands as well, I suggest you get 2 tubes.

If you prefer to make your henna yourself from powder, see below my beautiful raw Rajasthani organic henna powder.


100g of pure organic henna powder, body art quality, also suitable for hair, by Divine Henna Design


Small plastic applicator bottles with size 0.5 mm (small) stainless steel tips, by Amerikan Body Art. Each bottle & tip set comes with a white plastic lid so that you can store your made-up henna in the fridge.




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