Endo-ease Tea

$8.50 each

This delicious tea is a soothing herbal blend to help tone the uterus, optimise blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, and support strength, health & healing of the womb and reproductive system.

Traditionally, these herbs, with their anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties, have been used to alleviate symptoms of pain, congestion and cramping associated with dysmenorrhoea and endometriosis.


The Endo-ease Tea contains 100% Australian Certified Organic:


Calendula – improves lymphatic drainage, may reduce adhesions, reduces dysmenorrhea, anti-inflammatory.


Chastetree - helps stimulate and normalise the function of the pituitary gland, which controls and balances the hormones in the body.


Crampbark – a spasmodic herb that reduces pain & spasm in dysmenorrhea and endometriosis & reduces uterine congestion.


Dong Quai – an anti-inflammatory uterine tonic which balances hormones, regulates the menstrual cycle and is helpful for spasmodic dysmenorrhea and endometriosis. Dong Quai contains phytoestrogens which inhibits excessive oestrogens that cause menstrual cramps and symptoms of endometriosis. Dong Quai also promotes carbohydrate metabolism by stimulating insulin production in the pancreas, this regulating insulin levels and blood sugar levels, to reduce sugar craving. Insulin is called, "The mistress of the hormones" due to it's important role in balancing other hormones. This root also reduces menstrual cramps due to its action in balancing prostaglandin levels and calming over-active uterine muscle fibres. Dong Quai also supports the production of red blood cells and promotes blood circulation and thus is helpful in addressing anaemia caused by menstrual problems and excessive menstrual blood loss.

Ginger – an anti-inflammatory herb that is considered to be very healing for female reproductive organs. Supports blood flow to organs; indicated for spasmodic dysmenorrhea and endometriosis.


Lady’s Mantle – a uterine tonic and mild analgesic, it controls excessive bleeding.


Pasqueflower – pain-relieving analgesic herb, reduces painful and inflamed conditions such as dysmenorrhea.


White Peony – balances hormones, reduces spasm, anti-inflammatory, indicated for dysmenorrohoesa and endometriosis.




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