Eco-friendly "Greeny" underpads

$10.00 each

These underpads are super useful items for your birthing kit. They can be placed on the floor or on your bed, instead of or in addition to other sheets.

These eco-friendly compostible underpads are like the familiar "blueys" - but even better! These are a scratch bigger, 40 x 60 cm in size.

'Greenys' are made of compostable bio-plastic with a 5-ply fluff pulp top layer. The green underpads are 60% more absorbent than 5-ply blueys and 14% more absorbent than 8-ply Blueys. Higher absorbency and better breath-ability means the 'Greeny' can remain in place for longer, reducing under-pad turnover.

Fluid holding capacity: Total product fluid holding capacity approx. 192mL

These bundles come in a cute calico bag which is handy for keeping your birth kit organized, and plus, provides you with an all-purpose 22 x 31 cm drawstring bag, useful for all sorts of things long after the birth.


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