Cleansing bottle

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$5.00 each
This soft-side bottle has a special lid that provides a gentle stream when you squeeze the bottle.

Pull the lid out to open, and push it in to stop the flow when you don't want spills. It is ideal for cleansing of the perineum with Post Natal Bliss herbal liquid, applying the Sore Nipple Bliss herbal liquid, and for applying the Herbal Hair Rinse.


  1. The Best Thing!!
    By on March 2, 2018

    This saved me after birth, I had a second degree tear and I used it with the post natal bliss to heal my perineum. I was terrified of doing my first wee so I also filled it with warm water and used it after going to the toilet then dried gently instead of wiping with harsh toilet paper. Every woman needs this in her hospital bag!

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