Cher's Blend

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Cher's Blend is a beautiful mix of herbs to soothe the sensitive digestive tract during pregnancy. 

It is ideal for persistent nausea that continues past the first trimester.

It's named in honour of one of my doula clients who battled nausea right up until her baby was born!

If you like the taste of Chai, the herbs and spices in this tea may suit you.

Cher's Blend contains:

Red Raspberry Leaf - an astringent indicated for pregnancy sickness which extends into the second trimester

Catnip - with calming sedative actions, helpful for reducing nausea

Basil - mild sedative, helps lift fatigue, reduces nausea, vomiting and indigestion

Nutmeg - an astringent and warming digestive that controls vomiting and relaxes spasm

Cloves - an aromatic digestive and carminative, helpful for reducing nausea and dyspepsia

Lemon Verbena - gently tranquilizing for he nervous system, soothes indigestion and reduces nausea

Lemon Balm - a carminative (reduces flatulence and calms intestinal spasm & pain) with soothing sedative properties; reduces nausea and vomiting.

Ginger - an aromatic digestive with anti-emetic action, specific for nausea including morning sickness

Cinnamon - an aromatic digestive and carminative and mild astringent, helpful for nausea and vomiting. (Avoid medicinal quantities of Cinnamon during pregnancy. Normal culinary use and a small amount in this tea is safe).

Chen Pi - Chinese Mandarin peel - a lovely tasting, aromatic digestive and carminative, helpful for nausea and "digestive weakness".

Support for severe pregnancy sickness 

Natural morning sickness remedies - from Mommypotamus

And THIS article explains that you need plenty of magnesium on board to manage pregnancy sickness. Dandelion and Nettle are very rich in Magnesium and are included in my Pregnancy Bliss tea. Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in Magnesium, and that is what Dandelion and Nettle really are - they grow as weeds in some places (I saw lots of Nettle in Ireland and my little Irish Midwife told me every woman needed nettle tea in her diet) and they both have a very dark green leaf. 

This article suggests Magnesium, B Vitamins and a healthy gut to prevent/reduce morning sickness:

Can you prevent morning sickness? by Mama & Baby Love

So to have in your survival toolkit:

- Magnesium oil, Magnesium supplement powder, Epsom's Salts for your bath or footbath
- Pro-biotics
- B Complex vitamins
- Slippery Elm capsules
- Mum's Tum tea & Cher's Blend

HER Foundation - support for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Here is Aviva Romm's article about safe herbs for pregnancy. Aviva's perspective is that although there are herbs considered safe for use in pregnancy, overall it is best to avoid medication and herbs during the first trimester, unless medically necessary.

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