Centred Mama Bliss tea

$8.50 each

This delicious, soothing tea contains herbs to gently ease feelings of anxiety, support calm and relaxation and alleviate stress.

This blend is suitable during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.


Chamomile - 

Withania – a strengthening adaptogen herb that calms the nervous system and increases ability to cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Lemon Balm - a calming nervine herb useful for tension headaches and migraine.

Passionflower – a nervine with sedative and anxiolytic properties, that soothes the nervous system and eases stress and headaches.

Oatstraw – an excellent nervine tonic and restorative that nourishes and calms the nervous system, relieving anxiety.

Scullcap – a nervine tonic and restorative with tranquilising properties, eases anxiety and insomnia, reduces muscle tension and spasm.

Hibiscus Rosella – a sweet astringent herb, rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, that soothes irritation, is wonderful for health and has a delicious ‘fruity’ taste.

How to use this tea:

Place 1-2 tsp of tea in your chosen tea pot or jar.

Use hot water that is just off the boil to pour over the herbs.

Let the tea steep for about 10 minutes.

Place a lid over the tea while steeping, to minimise loss of the volatile oils.

Pour through a strainer into your chosen drinking vessel.

You can enjoy your tea hot, warm or chilled.

Honey and lemon or lime may be added for taste. A natural sweetener such as honey, aguave or stevia may also be added.

The made-up tea may be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 2 days.


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