Birth Boost Tincture

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The Birth Boost Tincture is a blend of herbal extracts to boost contractions and support a long or challenging labour.

It contains:

Schisandra chinensis: This strengthening herb has calming nervine, adaptogenic and oxytocic actions. Schisandra has been used to enhance physical and mental endurance and performance. It has been used traditionally to to enhance labour contractions during birth, particularly during a long, tiring or protracted labour.

According to one text, “A liquid extract of Schisandra successfully induced labour in 72 out of 80 women with prolonged labour with an administered dose of 20 to 25 drops per hour for 3 hours of a 1:3 extract for 3 consecutive days” (Vanderlaan 2008, p. 305)
Bone (2003, p 407) affirms the same, also noting: “The Schisandra-treated group experienced fewer birth complications than the untreated women”. Both references seem to be quoting a 1968 study by Gaistruk & Taranovski.

Vervain (Verbena officinalis): this is a herb with calming nervine actions, helpful for soothing anxiety. Traditionally, it has been used to invigorate uterine contractions, given during labour to “make childbirth easier”.

Black Cohosh (Actea or Cimicifuga racemosa): a uterine tonic and spasmolytic herb, indicated to “prepare for labour”. Traditionally used with Blue Cohosh to strengthen labour contractions and support labour progress.

Blue Cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides): an emmenaogue herb which tones the uterus, with oxytocic actions, indicated to “assist with labour”.

How to use:

Administer 5 mls (or 2 dropperfuls) in a little water or juice. Repeat dose in half an hour, then at 4 hourly intervals, if needed.
Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight.

Bone, K. (2003). A clinical guide to blending liquid herbs. St Louis, Missouri: Churchill Livingston Elsevier.

Vanderlaan, J. (2008). The Christian childbirth handbook. Colonie, NY: Birthing Naturally


This is the usual order you would use the herbal tinctures:

1. Gentle Prep Tincture - during the last month of pregnancy

2. Birth Boost Tincture - during labour, when tired or discouraged, particularly in the case of a long or challenging labour.
Often used as a last resort before Syntocinon (this is assuming everything else such as rest, food, hydration, electrolytes, positioning, making space in the pelvis techniques, rebozo, Spinning Babies, immersion in deep water etc has all been tried.)

3. Placenta Release Tincture - usually used sometime after 30 minutes following the birth of the baby. I would normally wait
at least an hour for a physiological third stage. (This is the case of a spontaneous, not-induced, not-augmented, non-medicated
labour. If intervention was required, usually herbal tinctures would not be appropriate during third stage. Augmentation during
labour generally requires use of Syntocinon (synthetic oxytocin) for third stage.)

4. No Bleed Tincture - good to have at hand, but often not used at all. Use during third stage if at any point bleeding becomes a
concern, either before or after the birth of the placenta. (Yes, it is OK to take this tincture if bleeding seems fine but you're just
feeling nervous because you had a big bleed last time.) NOTE: if you are dealing with more than just slightly excessive bleeding
that you'd like to see moderated - and you have an actual PPH on your hands, don't bother with tinctures - go straight to
appropriate emergency care. Emergency care should not be delayed by faffing around with tinctures, in such a situation.


5. After Pain-ease Tincture - for use after the release of the placenta, usually during the first 3-5 days after to birth, to take the
edge of after-pains. I suggest a dose just before you put baby to the breast.

Disclaimer: This information is of a general nature and does not constitute medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Any medical condition should be referred to your health care practitioner. Always check with your chosen health care practitioner before commencing to use any herbal preparation.

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  1. Got my drug free birth with this!
    By on March 30, 2024

    Had to be induced for medical reasons. Dr ruptured my membranes and I then started to take the tincture. (Please note that dropper is only 1.5ml when full and recommended dose was 5-10ml every half hour). Didn’t use the whole bottle and had baby within 4 hours but got my labour going real well. Cannot recommend enough! Wish I found this sooner.

  2. No synto for me
    By on November 22, 2019

    The midwife wanted me to start synto, then I remembered I had this in my bag so I took some and quite soon the contractions really picked up, the midwife asked again, I said, no gimme more of that herbal stuff. My baby was born 2 hours later. Midwife was amazed, she'd never seen that before. She was peering at the label, pretty sure she hasn't come across Schisandra before. Sounds like a magic word and it workd magically for me.

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