Bereavement Care Package

$50.00 each


It's so hard to know what to do or how to help when someone you care about goes through a devastating loss.

There are many ways to say, "I am here for you. I am so so sorry for you loss, and I care."

Such as:

- a massage voucher

- a house cleaning service 

- a day spa voucher

- containers of healing chicken soup (or vege soup) for the freezer - see my Love Soup recipe HERE

- a fragrant bush or bulbs or herbs to plant in the garden

- good quality pro-biotics to support gut health through a stressful time

- sleep support - such as a wheat-heat pack and a good eye mask

- a quilt made of squares each contributed by a village of friends

- quality supplements such as Vital Greens, particularly if appetite is lost


And here we offer a collection of soothing comforting herbal products to add to your care package.

Our Bereavement Care Package includes:

* 70g Good Grief Tea

* 70g Sleepytime Bliss Tea

* 60g sachet of Rest & Heal bath herbs with Crampbark and Cinnamon to ease muscle tension and soothe the mind

* 30 ml bottle of "Anxiety Drops" of Kava & Passionflower. Take 3-5 droppersful in a little water during moments of overwhelm.

This basic kit is worth $53.50 and comes to you for just $50.00



* 50 x capsules of Goldenseal, Marshmallow Root & Slippery Elm to soothe and protect the gastro-intestinal tract through the time of stress

+ $30.00


* 30 ml Sleepytime Balm, with comforting, calming essential oils to support sleep

+ 11.00


* 60g 'Heavenly Peace' herbal sleep sachet to hang on the bedstead

+ 12.00


* 30 ml Sore Muscle Rub to ease sore, tense muscles, with Comfrey, Arnica and essential oils

+ 11.00

ADD ALL OF THE ABOVE: This complete bereavement care package is worth $124.50 and comes to you for the special price of just $100.00

If you would like to add a 5 ml bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil blend Peace and Calming to your order (retail cost is $46.65) please click HERE

'Comfort' all-natural Perfum Balm by NatureDeva available HERE


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