Beef Liver capsules by Best of the Bone

$56.50 each

Here is a helpful supplement for supporting nutrition, especially during the child-bearing year, in particular healthy iron levels.

There are 180 x 500 mg capsules per bottle, which gives you a 6 week supply, if you take four capsules daily.

Grass-fed, certified organic dehydrated Australian Beef Liver.

Made in Australia. 

Nature's original multi-vitamin.

Best of the Bone beef liver capsules are the best, most bio-available source of:

Vitamin A retinol
Vitamin B12
Niacin (B3 & B5)
Vitamin B6
Riboflavin (Vit B2)
Iron - heme

Rich in complete amino acids beef liver has one of the highest nutritional values of any food on the planet as relates to vitamins including bioavailable protein, retinol (the active form of vitamin A), B12 (80% of the population including children are deficient in this critical vitamin), CoQ10, Vitamin D and K, a fantastic source of iron (heme iron, again the form that bodies require) minerals and a balanced amino acid complex. Best of the Bone beef liver is certified organic and grass-fed, grass-finished. That is important from a nutrient perspective and the health of the animal.

Beef liver capsules are used by athletes for post workout recovery to keep their metabolism in a anabolic state, to repair and build muscle. Taking 2 capsules after exercise every 3 to 4 hours may assist performance. Within 15 minutes the digested and absorbed proteins target muscle cells and tissue.

Best of the Bone beef liver is sourced from Lake Eyre beef in Central Australia. Grass-fed and finished they graze only on native grasses unique to Australia. The Central Australian soil is untouched by chemicals and rich in nutrients. These healthy cattle are free to roam thousands of kilometres in Australia's outback.

Freeze dried raw, using a cold processing technology avoiding th heat processing of most capsules which can cause important vitamins and minerals to break down.

Best of the Bone capsules are:

- From organic grass-fed and finished Australian cattle from the outback.
- Freeze-dried raw
- GMO, dairy and gluten free.

Best of the Bone organic beef liver is a concentrated, real food in a capsule. Not a synthetic version or a multi-processed version.

Children: recommended dose is 2-4 capsules daily 

Adults: recommended dose is 4-6 capsules per day

 Take Beef Liver Capsules as part of a highly beneficial dietary practice for:

- increased energy
- fat loss
- muscle mass
- immune function
- emotional stability
- improved skin
- improved/develop vision
- child's growth and development
- with additional improvements to exercise tolerance, and memory!


Alanine 120mg
Arginine 130mg
Aspartic Acid 190mg
Cystine 30mg
Glutamic Acid 260mg
Glycine 120mg
Histidine 60mg *
Isoleucine 90mg *
Leucine 190mg *
Lysine 120mg *
Methionine 50mg *
Phenylalanine 110mg *
Proline 90mg
Serinen 90mg
Threonine 100mg *
Tryptophan 40mg *
Tyrosine 80mg
Valine 120mg *

*Essential Amino Acids

Did you know that beef liver provides amino acids needed for muscle strengthening including:

Histidine -- (Essential amino acid)essential for the growth and repair of tissuesIsoleucine -- (Essential amino acid)needed for haemoglobin formation valuable to athletes because it aids in the healing and repair of muscle tissue, skin and bones.

Leucine -- (Essential amino acid)works with Isoleucine and Valine to promote the healing of muscle tissue, skin, and bones aids in increasing growth hormone production.

Lysine -- (Essential amino acid)works with other essential amino acids to maintain growth, lean body mass, and the body’s store of nitrogen. A deficiency could result in fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, bloodshot eyes, retarded growth, hair loss, anaemia, and reproductive problems.

Methionine -- (Essential amino acid)helps diminish muscle weakness.

Threonine -- (Essential amino acid)helps maintain proper protein balance in the body.

Tryptophan -- (Essential amino acid)enhances the release of growth hormones.

Valine -- (Essential amino acid)needed for muscle metabolism, coordination and tissue repair used as an energy source by muscle tissue.


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