ADHD Support Tea

$8.50 each

A blend of anti-oxidant and nervine herbs to nourish and calm the nervous system and support concentration and focus.

We have 3 members of our family who have been diagnosed with ADHD. They drink this tea daily because they wish to keep their consumption of prescribed medicines to a minimum.

Along with avoiding processed foods and improving gut health, these herbs have been helpful.

As with anyone, check with your health care provider before altering medications or adding herbs to your toolbox for managing a this.

The herbal tea contains:

Bacopa (Brahmi) - Bacopa monnieri - enhances cognition, a nervine tonic, calms anxiety, indicated for ADHD, improves memory, concentration and mental performance

Chamomile - Matricara recutita - a soothing mild sedative that also tones the digestive tract and improves gut biota. There is a connection between gut health and improved ADHD symptoms.

Gingko - Gingko biloba - 


Siberian Ginseng




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