Ancient Gates - prayers, meditations & music for birthing


It's my great joy to introduce to you a special project I have been working on.

The Ancient Gates project is about prospecting for the treasures in the word of God (the Bible) for child-bearing, and laying hold of those promises for your felt, lived experience.

There is a synergy in the incredible talents that have come together to make this project happen.

It feels as if the breath of the Spirit has infused the work, each step of the way.

There are still a few features yet to be completed, but I wanted to offer what we have so far.

Eventually, the Ancient Gates Prayers & Promises for Pregnancy & Birth will include:

- Introductory booklet

- A set of 24 full colour 10 x 10 cm cards

- A rustic wood card stand

- A USB with 2 hours of spoken meditations set to the most incredible, anointed music

- A hand-crafted wooden Keepsake Box for your cards, USB and baby's cord tie

I sense this is something really special, because each time I work on this project ... I cry!

At this stage, we have an introductory offer of sets of 12 or 24 cards just by themselves, in a little hemp drawstring bag.

I cannot wait to bring the remaining elements to you!

I would like to acknowledge the wonderful artists who have helped bring this long-gestated project to birth:

Mick McIvor, Won Voice Music

Jacqui Naunton, White Deer Graphic Design

Laura Powell - Laura Emily Photography

Jen Shipton - The Heart of Motherhood Photography

Amy Philp - Amy Philp Photography

Sarah Windyanan - Life & Lens Photography

Cat Fancote - Cat Fancote Photography

Emma Jean Photography

And to the parents who so generously shared their sacred moments:

Tim & Imy Chan, Rusila Sevudredre & Joshua Norman, Jess & Josh Counsel, Hannah & Jacob Weir, Hannah Paulsen and Midwife Maet Pearson.

Special thanks to Mark Rombout for adding the whispers of heaven to the music with his wind instrumentals, as he always has done, each time I've heard him play.

And lastly, thank you to the angel voices you may hear woven into the soundtrack - Bernie McIvor, Sarah Johnson, Rachael Hook, Angela Gorman and my very own angel, Hadassah Boone.

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